Awesome News from The Capitals

13 September 2018

The Capitals Sign Exclusive Management Deal and Announce December Tour

Upon first glance, The Capitals don’t take themselves too seriously, cracking jokes left, right and centre – because the only thing better than a good pun is a really bad one. And let’s face it; you can’t even start a sentence without a capital.

Spending more time with the band, it is clear that behind their happy-go-lucky demeanour are four hard working musicians with an insatiable passion for their community of fellow South Africans.

Hailing from The Capital city of Pretoria, South Africa, the band formerly known as Upsexy, have finally settled on a new and permanent line-up that will see them soar. Originating members Conrad Rudolph and Rics Eltze are joined on stage by Seth Fobian and Wesley Ward – the foursome becoming a sought-after act at top festival line-ups. Additionally, the band have joined forces with Indie Does It, signing an exclusive management deal in the hopes of taking their career to the next level.

“I am extremely excited to be working with these guys, knowing that their hearts and heads are in the right place. The Capitals are an extremely fun loving band and their catchy guitar riffs haunt you for days, in a good way. I cannot wait to take their music around the country and garner them some new fans,” says Indie Does It founder Genevieve Vieira.

Frontman Conrad Rudolph adds, “I’m unbelievably thankful to have someone who believes in us. This industry is savage, so it keeps us motivated. Having an experienced, objective opinion to bounce off of is pivotal in staying sane.”

This news comes together with a teaser of their end of year Capital to Coast Tour announcement. The band will travel from their hometown of Pretoria through to the Mother City, promoting their new music and spreading positive vibes.

The Capitals still remain largely in control of their own brand and music as they continue to develop their personal sound. Before they disappear into studio to make their onstage magic a little more permanent, catch them at Das Oktoberfest Pretoria this Saturday 15 September.

Conrad concludes, “We’ve been itching to take our music outside Gauteng after seeing how people respond to our songs, especially the holiday crowds. Having the new line up settled has really enabled us to level up our performance. We can’t wait!”

The Capital to Coast Tour Teaser Poster