Team Building


Braai olympics

The Braai Olympics is a great way of celebrating our South African heritage while simultaneously breaking the ice between delegates.

Putting a quirky spin on conventional team building strategies and allowing each and every individual to get involved in some way.

Facilitated by comedian, and winner of Celebrity Masterchef South Africa, Chris Forrest.

Starship Improvise

Improvised comedy only works by sticking to a strict list of rules along with various techniques and learnt skills. All of these skills and techniques can translate into your daily work-life in order to benefit your staff to ensure a happier and more productive team!

Starship Improvise has the unique ability to cater to any demographic in the country and to ensure we target the weaknesses of your  team, our lead facilitator will meet with the team leader prior to the workshop in order to tailor-make the workshop for your team.

Starship Improvise


Put a fun twist on a traditional favourite, have a comedian facilitate your team building potjie competition. Pick a theme, design your potjie team building activity to be as challenging or as relaxed as you would like. 


What could be better than having an actual masterchef judge and a former masterchef winner put you through your culinary paces, teach you a thing or too about cooking while recreating the masterchef experience? Find out exactly what your delegates are capable of, test their metal and let them have fun while they do it.