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Erik Vermeulen has been a Business consultant and international Keynote speaker since 1994. He specialises in Corporate Behaviour strategies, allowing companies to create more profitable behaviours by examining how their teams work and how they interact with their employees as well as their customers. Erik explores trends and behaviours that have shaped the business world, and ones that will be required to motivate and improve performance in a post-recession business world where corporate spin become less powerful than customer and employee experience.

He has served long-term consulting contracts with some of the world’s largest companies and leaders in the global marketplace. His clients have found that Erik has the ability to put plenty of reallife business issues into perspective and offer realistic alternatives to team and leadership issues. He is frequently singled out for his enthusiasm, down to earth attitude and refreshing approach to people.

Erik has helped an African mobile phone company say “Jambo Greatness”, and they delivered on the promise. He’s shown the staff at Africa’s most profitable airline how they can “Lift you Up”, and a medical Aid scheme how to become “Pacesetters”. He’s even managed a to get the IT division at a major bank to “Simplify Complexity” and a children’s Cancer Charity to understand “How Now Brown Cow?” to transition to bigger things.”

Erik believes that you cannot motivate people, he takes a highly effective behavioural approach to leadership that allows him to influence what people are motivated to do! He shows companies how to build “virtual” teams that include both their employees and their customers, making a significant impact on the bottom-line. He has helped a global mobile phone company sell 60 000 units in a saturated market in under 3 weeks.

Topics/focus areas

Erik is adept at speaking on issues relating to employee and customer relationships – soft skills that produce hard results. His insights into how consumers and employees behave and how to shape these behaviours in a new economy shaped by technology are essential in Leadership and bottom-line success.


• Find your 5 – Motivation
• Cordialism: How the best Companies lose their flavour.
• Ridgeline – Succeeding with an Adventure Mindset.
• Why can’t everyone just be NORMAL – Like ME?
• Purpose Driven Strategy.
• Custom crafted presentations – Delivering YOUR message


Erik facilitates Strategy using his “Purpose Driven Strategy” process and creates perspective when MCing or Moderating your conference.


Erik writes regularly for a number of international blogs and magazines on Personal and Team Performance, Engagement, Corporate Culture, Customer and Employee Behaviour and Sport Psychology.

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