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Bertus de wet




Bertus De Wet is a successful businessman with a passion for leadership and entrepreneurship. Through his own life experience Bertus has come to realise that success in business does not solely rest on making money. Business success is also reliant on personal development, commitment to a dream and a drive to make a difference within your own life and for those around you. Bertus is extremely passionate about working alongside business owners to help them grow their businesses to their full potential. His passion is driven by his vision of the potential South Africa has to be a powerful entrepreneurial force. He believes South Africa can turn it’s economy around and empower individuals and communities to prosper through the promotion of successful business practices. 

Bertus’ entrepreneurial streak was revealed at a young age when growing up in a small town in the Free State he made ketties and kieries to sell to his school friends for pocket money. He progressed to helping out on a nearby farm at a young age, and as a young student opted to deliver pizzas for an income rather than go out and party with his friends. 

I think one’s values play a huge role in achieving success in life, and mine were built when I was young. By the time I ventured into business, the fundamentals were in place.

Bertus trained as a structural steel detailer – a specialised draughting skill – and completed the 2 year course in 18 months, desperate to enter the working world. His lecturer recognised a potential in him, to train, and encouraged him to set up a training institute after his graduation, which he did. Hungry to get into a business, a year later, he joined a steel detailing company in Johannesburg. After 2 years of working for the company, Bertus felt confident enough about the processes of the business to suggest changes he thought would be beneficial to the business. He convinced his boss to let him earn shares in the company and work on improvement. Within 5 and a half years he grew the company value by 60% and turned it into one of the top steel detailing offices in the country. When he eventually sold his shares in the company, he was paid out enough money to live on for 5 years. 

Determined to pursue his passion – teaching others – Bertus culminated his 10 year business experience into a successful coaching initiative. Bertus has already built up a reputation as a business coach within Johannesburg over the last 2 years of working as a professional business coach. 

I have a very clear vision of what can be achieved by a collective of successful small and medium-sized businesses. South Africa desperately needs a powerful SME sector. So although I know I could go on to establish other businesses – and I probably will – I believe I can have a much greater impact if I empower hundreds of other entrepreneurs to be successful. That is where my heart lies.

Bertus is ready to bring his passion and enthusiasm for business to an even wider audience through the art of speaking. With more than 10 000 hours dedicated to personal and business development, Bertus is excited to use his knowledge to empower others to succeed in business. 


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